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EBriefPro's Composer software lets you effortlessly create electronic briefs with smart, descriptive hyperlinks to PDF versions of your evidence and legal authorities. For the first time, it is fast, easy, and practical to compose hyperlinked ebriefs in-house, for your own internal use or for court. Composer helps you:

  • edit, PDF and hyperlink over 200 kinds of electronic documents;

  • link to internal locations within the documents you cite;

  • link to local copies that open instantly;

  • obtain and derive information about the linked documents, such as pinpoint cites for case law and transcripts;

  • insert that information into your ebriefs with the hyperlinks;

  • collaborate on your ebriefs from networked PCs;

  • convert your ebriefs into PDFs with functioning hyperlinks; and

  • provide copies that can be viewed by anyone with a PDF viewer.

It's easy. Composer teaches you each step as you go. You can see Composer in action on the Demos/Tutorials page. For additional details, please look at the Features, FAQ, and PDF Conversions pages.


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