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Composer helps you PDF and hyperlink all common image file types, all common text files, and most other document files commonly produced in ediscovery.

Using only the software included in the installation, Composer can PDF fifty of the most common types of image files (and hundreds of subtypes). It can also PDF all common text document files and web pages using only Microsoft Word.

In order to PDF other file types, Composer needs to use other software installed on your system.

Subject to the limitations described below in the Notes, Composer can PDF all of the following file types if you have Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, and Version 2.4 or higher of the OpenOffice suite (which is available for free at, installed on your computer:

Extension Document Type
.123 Lotus 1-2-3 Spreadsheet
.602 T602 Text Document
.3fr Hasselblad Raw Image
.accdb Access 2007 Database
.arw Sony Raw Image
.asc ASCII text
.bay Casio Raw Image
.bmp Windows or OS/2 Bitmap Image (7 formats)
.bmq NuCore Raw Image
.cap Phase One Raw Image
.cine Phantom Software Raw Image
.cr2 Canon Raw Image Ver. 2
.crw Canon Raw Image Ver. 1
.cs1 Capture Shop Raw Image
.csv Comma Separated Values Data
.cut Dr. Halo Image
.dbc FoxPro Database
.dbf dBase, Xbase Data
.dc2 Kodak Raw Image
.dcr Kodak Raw Image
.dds DirectX Surface Image
.dif Data Interchange Format Data
.dng Adobe Digital Negative Raw Image
.doc Word Document (Windows/Mac)
.doc WordPerfect Document (Ver. 5.x or 6.x)
.docm Word 2007/2010 Macro-Enabled Document
.docx Word 2007/2010 XML Document
.dot Word Template
.dotm Word 2007/2010 Macro-Enabled Template
.dotx Word 2007/2010 XML Template
.drf Kodak Raw Image
.dsc Kodak Raw Image
.dsn Database Source Name
.emf Extended/Enhanced Windows Metafile
.erf Epson Raw Image
.exr ILM OpenEXR Image
.fax CCITT Group 3 Fax
.fff Imacon Raw Image
.fm3 Lotus 1-2-3 Spreadsheet
.g3 Raw Fax Format CCITT G.3 Image
.gif Graphics Interchange Format Image
.hdr High Dynamic Range Image
.hdr Leaf Raw Image
.htm Generic Web Page
.htm Excel Web Page
.htm Word Web Page
.htm OpenOffice Calc Web Page
.htm OpenOffice Writer Web Page
.html Generic Web Page
.html Excel Web Page
.html Word Web Page
.html OpenOffice Calc Web Page
.html OpenOffice Writer Web Page
.ia Sinar Raw Image
.iff IFF Interleaved Bitmap Image
.iiq Phase One Raw Image
.j2c JPEG-2000 Codestream Image (15 formats)
.j2k JPEG-2000 Codestream Image (15 formats)
.jfif JPEG/JIFF Image
.jif JPEG JFIF Compliant Image
.jng JPEG Network Graphics Image
.jp2 JPEG-2000 Image (15 formats)
.jpe JPEG JFIF Compliant Image
.jpeg JPEG JFIF Compliant Image
.jpg JPEG JFIF Compliant Image
.k25 Kodak Raw Image
.kc2 Kodak Raw Image
.kdc Kodak Raw Image
.koa C64 Koala Graphics Image
.lbm IFF Interleaved Bitmap Image
.mdb Access Database
.mdc Minolta Raw Image
.mde Access MDE Database 
.mef Mamiya Raw Image
.met OS/2 Metafile
.mht Generic Web Page Archive (non-Office)
.mht Excel Web Page Archive
.mht PowerPoint Web Page Archive
.mht Word Web Page Archive
.mhtml Generic Web Page Archive
.mhtml Excel Web Page Archive
.mhtml PowerPoint Web Page Archive
.mhtml Word Web Page Archive
.mng Multiple Network Graphics Image
.mos Mamiya Raw Image
.mrw Minolta Raw Image
.nef Nikon Raw Image
.nrw Nikon Raw Image
.odg OpenDocument Drawing
.odp OpenDocument Presentation
.ods OpenDocument Spreadsheet
.odt OpenDocument Text Document
.olk Outlook Address Book
.orf Olympus Raw Image
.otg OpenDocument Drawing
.otp OpenDocument Presentation Template
.ots OpenDocument Spreadsheet Template
.ott OpenDocument Text Document Template
.PAB Personal Address Book 
.pbm Portable Bitmap (ASCII or RAW) Image
.pcd Kodak PhotoCD Image
.pct PICT Image
.pcx PC Paintbrush/Zsoft Paintbrush Image
.pef Pentax Raw Image
.pfm Portable Floatmap Image
.pgm Portable Greymap (ASCII or RAW) Image
.pic PICT Image
.pict PICT Image
.png Portable Network Graphics Image (46 formats)
.pot PowerPoint Template 
.pothtml PowerPoint HTML Template
.potm PowerPoint 2007/2010 Macro-Enabled XML Template
.potx PowerPoint 2007/2010 XML Template
.ppm Portable Pixelmap (ASCII or RAW) Image
.pps PowerPoint Slide Show
.ppsm PowerPoint 2007/2010 XML Macro-Enabled Show
.ppsx PowerPoint 2007/2010 XML Show
.ppt PowerPoint Presentation
.ppthtml PowerPoint HTML Document
.pptm PowerPoint 2007/2010 XML Macro-Enabled Presentation
.pptmhtml PowerPoint Web Page Archive
.pptx PowerPoint 2007/2010 XML Presentation
.prn Space-Delimited Data
.psd Adobe Photoshop Image
.psw MS Pocket Word Document
.ptx Pentax Raw Image
.pwi Pocket Word Document
.pxn Logitech Raw Image
.qtk Apple Quicktake Raw Image
.raf Fuji Raw Image
.ras Sun Raster Image
.raw Panasonic Paw Image
.rdc Digital Foto Maker Raw Image
.rtf Rich Text Format
.rw2 Panasonic Raw Image
.rwz Rawzor Raw Image
.sam Lotus Ami Pro 3.x for Windows
.scd Schedule+ Contact List
.sda StarOffice/OpenOffice Draw Image
.sdb StarOffice/OpenOffice Base Data
.sdc StarOffice/OpenOffice Calc Spreadsheet
.sdd StarOffice Draw 3.0/5.1 Image
.sdp StarOffice/OpenOffice Impress Presentation
.sdw StarOffice/OpenOffice Writer Document
.sgf StarWriter Graphic
.sgi Silicon Graphics SGI Image
.sgv StarOffice/OpenOffice Draw Image
.shtml Secure WebPage
.slk SYLK Data Exchange
.sr2 Sony Raw Image
.srf Sony Raw Image
.stc StarOffice/OpenOffice Calc Spreadsheet Template
.std StarOffice Draw Template
.sti StarOffice/OpenOffice Impress Presentation Template
.stw StarOffice/OpenOffice Writer Template
.svm StarView Metafile
.sxc StarOffice/OpenOffice Calc Spreadsheet
.sxd StarOffice/OpenOffice Draw Image
.sxi StarOffice/OpenOffice Impress Presentation
.sxw StarOffice/OpenOffice Writer Document
.targa Truevision Targa Image
.text TEXT (many encodings)
.tga Truevision Targa Image
.tif Tagged Image File Format Image (240 formats)
.tiff Tagged Image File Format Image (240 formats)
.txt Delimited Data (many encodings)
.txt Plain Text (many encodings)
.uof Unified Office Format Document
.uop Unified Office Format Presentation
.uos Unified Office Format Spreadsheet
.uot Unified Office Format Document
.wap Wireless Bitmap Image
.wb1 Quattro Pro 5 for Windows
.wb2 Lotus 1-2-3 for OS/2
.wb2 QuattroPro for Windows Spreadsheet
.wb3 QuattroPro 7 or 8 Spreadsheet
.wbm Wireless Bitmap Image
.wbmp Wireless Bitmap Image
.wk1 Lotus 1 Spreadsheet
.wk2 Lotus 2 Spreadsheet
.wk3 Lotus 3 Spreadsheet
.wk4 Lotus 4 Spreadsheet
.wk5 Lotus 5 Spreadsheet
.wks Lotus 1.0 and 1.0A Spreadsheet
.wks Microsoft Works Worksheet (DOS and Windows)
.wmf Windows Metafile Image
.wp WordPerfect Document
.wpd WordPerfect Document
.wp5 WordPerfect Document
.wps MS Works Text Document (Ver. 6 or later)
.wq1 Quattro Pro for DOS Spreadsheet
.wri Microsoft Write Document
.wsd WordStar for DOS v. 3.3-7.0, for Windows v. 1.0 and 2.0
.x3f Sigma Raw Image
.xbm X Bitmap Image
.xht Extensible Hypertext
.xhtml Extensible Hypertext
.xl Excel Spreadsheet 
.xlb Excel Worksheet
.xlc Excel Chart
.xlk Excel Backup
.xlm Excel Macro
.xlr Microsoft Works Spreadsheet
.xls Excel Workbook
.xlsb Excel 2007/2010 Binary Workbook
.xlsm Excel 2007/2010 XML Macro-Enabled Workbook
.xlsmhtml Excel Archived HTML Document
.xlsx Excel 2007/2010 XML Workbook
.xlt Excel Template
.xltm Excel 2007/2010 XML Macro-Enabled Template
.xltx Excel 2007/2010 XML Template
.xlw Excel Workspace
.xml DocBook XML
.xml Excel XML
.xml Word XML
.xpm X Pixmap Image
.* WordPerfect for DOS versions 5.0, 5.1, and 6.0
.* WordPerfect for Windows versions 5.1, 5.2, 6.0, and 6.1


Templates need to be re-saved as non-template documents before Composer can work with them.

Composer's ability to PDF a given document depends on which versions of which Microsoft and OpenOffice applications, updates, plugins, import modules, and converters are installed on your system, your security settings and policies, any password-protected properties of a given document, what version of what software was used to create the document, and other variables.

To maximize the file types that Composer can PDF, you should install all optional file converters and importers. Converters and importers are available at the Microsoft Office download site and the OpenOffice extensions site.

Microsoft's "file block" settings can prevent Composer from making PDF versions of your documents. You can find more information about file block settings and how to change them here.

Additional file types will be added periodically, as will adjustments to the PDF conversion settings.

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