License Agreement for EBriefPro Composer Version 1.0 and 1.1

       By downloading, installing, or using EBriefPro Composer Version 1.0 or 1.1 ("Composer"), you agree with EBriefPro Inc. ("EBriefPro") as follows:

    1. EBriefPro licenses Composer to you on a free trial basis, "as is," with no warranty of any kind. You assume all risks and liabilities relating to Composer.

    2. EBriefPro may disable Composer at any time for any reason.

    3. Composer transmits data to EBriefPro's servers. The only data that it sends are anonymous authorization and user codes, generic error messages, and the extensions of files associated with errors. You consent to these transmissions.

    4. Before you use Composer you will read the information in the "readme" file in the EBriefPro program folder about open-source software distributed with Composer.

    5. Any legal dispute relating to Composer or this License Agreement must be brought in an appropriate court in New York County, NY, USA. The substantive law of New York State will apply to any legal issues that arise under state law, even if a conflict of laws analysis would lead to a different result. Any such proceeding will be before the judge of the appropriate court, and you and EBriefPro WAIVE ANY RIGHT TO A JURY TRIAL.

    6. This License Agreement contains all legally enforceable agreements and representations relating to Composer and can only be modified or terminated by a written agreement between you and EBriefPro.


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