Among other things, Composer:

  • guides you through each step of the process of creating the linked document and the link;

  • lets you link any document that you can open in Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint;

  • lets you link virtually any image or document from your iBlaze database;

  • copies your selected document or data and only opens the copy;

  • allows you to edit or excerpt the copy before Composer converts it to PDF and/or inserts a link to it into your ebrief;

  • allows the reader to jump directly to the relevant part of a PDF that was created by Composer from a long text document;

  • finds the page and line references for your transcript selection (e.g., "Jones.txt at 7:11-8:3");
  • reads your transcripts to find the transcript and page where any document to be hyperlinked was probably marked as an exhibit;

  • retrieves relevant data about the document from your iBlaze litigation database; and

  • retrieves the Microsoft Office properties of Microsoft Office documents.

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