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Legal Authority Video
Composer automatically extracts case cites, finds all pinpoint cites for a selected location within the case, links to the selected location, and inserts the pin cite into the ebrief.

legal authority pin cite screen shots

iBlaze Transcript Slideshow
Composer automatically finds pin cites for selected transcript text and inserts it into the ebrief.

transcripts demo

iBlaze Multipage Image Slideshow
Composer lets you extract a page range from a multi-page image. It provides information about the image from your iBlaze database. Where possible, it determines the transcript and page where the image was marked as an exhibit.

multipage image screen shots

iBlaze Email Slideshow
Composer provides information about the email or other electronic document from your iBlaze database. It creates perfect PDF versions of emails without added headers (e.g., the name of the current Outlook profile).

email screenshots

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